"They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening"
- George Orwell - 1984

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures Of the 'Beautiful' (?) Sonoran Desert

Coming soon to a town near you...

Another Monster Layup/Rest Area Discovered by MCDC, AZ Search & Rescue.

Is this America the Beautiful - Or another landfill?

Rest of Story Here

Friday Free Talk Live

"diversity upside ya head nigga"


Join me your co-host Bud White and our special first time guest and cohost the VNN poster Heather Blue. Joining us later on in the program will be Mark in Cali aka Mishko Novosel.
We'll be covering all things TJB including the Lakewood baseball bat beating of a rabbi, jewish kids abusing alcohol on "simchat torah", a valuable torah stolen in MN, jews who signed anti-semetic petition to google have names show up on hate sites, a Georgia woman has her bail doubled in temple disruption charges plus a ton more of tjb reporting.

Remember new times:
Tunes start at 6:30 est
Talk starts at 7:30 est

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mychal Bell back in Jail

Cry Me a River!

A black Louisiana teenager at the center of the racially charged "Jena 6" case was ordered Thursday to spend 18 months in a juvenile facility, after a judge ruled he had violated his probation for earlier juvenile convictions, a source with knowledge of the court proceedings said.

Mychal Bell, 17, who was freed two weeks ago after his adult criminal conviction for beating a white classmate was overturned, was sent to the Renaissance Home for Youth in Alexandria, Louisiana, the source said.

The decision came at the end of a two-day juvenile court hearing that was closed to the media and public.

Carol Powell-Lexing, one of Bell's attorneys, said the judge's decision would be appealed.

Bell was freed on $45,000 bail on September 27, after an appeals court threw out his conviction on battery and conspiracy charges in adult court and remanded the case to juvenile court.

But Judge J.P. Mauffrey agreed with prosecutors that Bell had violated the probation he was given for four previous juvenile offenses, including two simple battery charges, the sources said.

Bell had been placed on probation until he turned 18.

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, who has championed Bell's case, denounced Thursday's decision as "revenge" by the judge and called on Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco to intervene.

Demonstrators in September took to the streets of the small town of Jena to protest how authorities handled the cases of Bell and five other teens accused of beating white student Justin Barker in December 2006. The incident was a culmination of fights between blacks and whites.

Many said they were angry that the students, dubbed the "Jena 6," were being treated more harshly than three white students who hung nooses from an oak tree on Jena High School property.

The white students were suspended from school but did not face criminal charges. The protesters said they should have been charged with a hate crime.
Story Here

Example of Muh Dik Behavior

Cheveon Alonzo Ford, 21, of Pensacola, Florida, had his cell phone service cut off, so almost ten times a day over the period of a month, he made the only call he could on a serviceless cell phone, that is, to 911. He hung up when the dispatcher that answered was a man, but when he got women dispatchers, he tried to have phone sex with them.

Those free phone calls didn’t turn out to be very free, because he has to come up with $50,000 to spring himself loose from the hoosegow, not counting whatever punishment he will receive upon disposition of the case.
Story Here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What do Christianity, 9/11 and the Federal Reserve have in common? Very interesting documentary. Please watch and stop being fat, dumb and complacent.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Supper Tonight

I told Mom to hold off on making supper tonight. 'Don't worry Ma, I got it covered', I said.

I had to snap a pic of the meatpie I made, as I'll probably never be able to duplicate it's utter perfection! (if I do say so myself, not to brag though :p) And it was good good good!

"Possessing" Information Can Now Brand You A Terrorist

The Anarchists' Cookbook, like the many widely available CIA sabotage manuals (an illustrated version was distributed to civilians in Nicaragua during the 1980s), contains recipes for making explosives. The book has been out of mainstream circulation for years. But in the UK, a 17 year was caught with a copy of the Anarchists' Cookbook in his possession. He's now been charged as a terrorist.

The boy wasn't charged with attempting to carry out an act of terrorism, or even plotting an act of terrorism. He was charged because he had a book. Obviously the wrong book. But a book, all the same.

Philip K Dick's concept of pre-crime - arresting someone before they even attempt to break the law - is now a rock solid reality in the UK, the US and Australia, thanks to the vaguely defined sprawl of anti-terror laws.

Good thing the 'War on Terror' has managed to preserve so many of our rights to free speech, free expression and free thought, otherwise it might look like the terrorists are winning by fearing up our governments enough to undermine the foundations of our free societies. Or perhaps the 'threat' of Al Qaeda is just the excuse they need.

Presumably World War I and World War 2 memoirs and histories, where veterans recount how they fashioned makeshift bombs from scratch to blow up train lines or to take out tanks, will be the next books to make you a criminal for simply owning them.

From BBC :

A British teenager who is accused of possessing material for terrorist purposes has appeared in court.

It is alleged he had a copy of the "Anarchists' Cookbook", containing instructions on how to make home-made explosives. The teenager faces two charges under the Terrorism Act 2000. The first charge relates to the possession of material for terrorist purposes in October last year. The second relates to the collection or possession of information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

Read that line again : "possession of information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism."

Like possessing a Rambo DVD? Or a copy of Fight Club? Or V For Vendetta? Does owning a copy of the classic film The Battle Of Algiers mean you possess information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism? What about a book on the Irgun, the Jewish terrorists who massacred hundreds in Palestine in the late 1930s and 1940s? What about Henry's Lawson's short story The Loaded Dog - a story which explains in great detail how to make a bomb powerful enough to kill dozens of people?

The UK law under which the 17 year old has been charged doesn't even specify explosives, books or manuals. It is aimed at 'information'.

Possession of information with which you could prepare for, but not necessarily plan, an act of terrorism is a crime in the UK. That may well mean you don't even need to have the information in book or paper or DVD form. You can possess information simply by storing it in the memory banks inside your skull.

But who determines what information is safe and that which is far too dangerous to possess? Does the public get a say in the setting of parameters for what constitutes 'dangerous' information?

Pre-crime and thought crimes. These things which Philip K Dick wrote about as science fiction only a few decades ago are now reality. Our reality.

Don't you feel safer already?
Story Here

Changed my Blog's Style

No reason in particular, I like the color of this one better is all. :p

Legend John Henry Euthanized

RIP to a grand old horse....Who made it very clear that he was the boss, when a starstruck 13 year old stood at his stall for half an hour in summer of 2005. I'm glad I got the chance to meet the old guy. Wherever he is now, I'll bet he's running with Forego and Kelso.

John Henry, the 32-year-old legendary gelding who has been at the Kentucky Horse Park since 1985, was euthanized at 7 p.m. Oct. 8.

“The mighty heart of the great John Henry has, at long last, yielded to time," expressed John Nicholson, executive director of the Horse Park. "The racing industry has lost a legend, but more significantly, many people have lost a personal hero. John Henry’s true legacy was written in people’s hearts far more indelibly than his superlative racing career could ever reflect.

“John Henry was a testament to the fact a horse’s value is far greater than the sum of his pedigree, conformation, sales price, and race record," Nicholson said.

The sad, but unanimous, decision was reached by a team of people who knew him best.

The park’s equine director, Kathy Hopkins stated, “After continued successful efforts to maintain the quality of John Henry's life, in the past 48 hours he did not respond to our medical intervention. Due to the loss of kidney function and muscle mass, his veterinarian, Dr. Mike Beyer, found it impossible to keep him properly hydrated and comfortable.

"Over the years, our goal has always been to maintain the highest quality of care and life for him, and it became evident over the weekend that this was no longer possible. Our hearts go out to all of those who so deeply cared for John during his long and charismatic life.”

John Henry went peacefully to sleep surrounded by a small circle of friends who were closest to him, including Cathy Roby, who has been his friend and caretaker for 16 years and his breeder, Verna Lehmann.

John Henry overcame numerous well-known obstacles throughout his career, and colic surgery in 2002. His talent, determination, tenacity and toughness inspired thousands of people who didn’t even see him race, but became aware of him many years after his retirement.

On the track, John Henry was a two-time Horse of the Year as racing's "Blue Collar Hero" and won 39 of 83 races and $6,591,860. Sixteen of those wins came in grade I races.

He won the inaugural Arlington Million in 1981 in a thrilling finish over The Bart and won it again as a 9-year-old in 1984.

Bred in Kentucky by Golden Chance Farm, John Henry was foaled March 9 1975, and was a son of Old Bob Bowers—Once Double, by Double Jay. For most of racing career, he was owned by Sam and Dorothy Rubin's Dotsam Stable and was trained by Ron McAnally.

McAnally, who brought out the best in the horse with “carrots, apples and love,” visited John Henry many times during the horse’s retirement and had just seen him again as recently as September, and brought John’s favorite cookies and carrots to his aging protégé. Lewis Cenicola, John Henry’s exercise rider for six years, also visited the horse in September.

In all, John Henry earned seven Eclipse Awards, two for Horse of the Year (1981 and 1984), four as turf male (1980, 1981, 1983, 1984) and one as top older male (1981). He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990.

He won the last four races of his career in the summer and fall of 1984, taking the Sunset Handicap (gr. IT), Budweiser Arlington Million (gr. IT), Turf Classic (gr. IT), and $900,000 Ballantine Handicap at the Meadowlands.

Chris McCarron rode John Henry in 14 of his last races and has spent many hours with the horse during his 22 years at the park. Regarding the great horse’s passing, he observed, “What can I say about the legendary John Henry that has not already been said? John meant the world to my family and me. Everywhere he raced, his presence doubled the size of a normal race track crowd. He did so much for racing, even after he retired, that he will be impossible to replace. He will be sorely missed but forever in our hearts.”

A public memorial service will be held and will be announced by the park upon completion of the arrangements. Plans will be posted on the park’s website, www.kyhorsepark.com under News & Media and the Calendar of Events. John Henry will be buried near his paddock at the Hall of Champions.
Story Here

John Henry winning the 1984 Hollywood Invitational

Cloned Meat

Rob Riggle examines how cloning, will one day make all steaks equally delicious.

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Law Means Anti-Gay Comments Could Lead to Seven Years in Jail

England has gone crazy! Political correctness run amok.

Stirring up hatred against homosexuals is to become a serious crime punishable with a seven-year jail sentence under a law announced last night.

The legislation - similar to laws already in force outlawing persecution on religious or racial grounds - will make criminals of those who express their views in ways that could lead to the bullying or harassment of gays.

The maximum sentence is longer than the average of around five years handed to rapists.

The announcement widened the rift between opposing supporters of freedom of speech and gay rights.

Christian groups condemned it as "a law to allow Christiansto be locked up for what they believe".

But the gay pressure group Stonewall said those who disapprove of homosexuals would have nothing to fear from the law if they express their views in a manner that is "temperate" and "polite".

Justice Secretary Jack Straw told MPs the gay harassment law will be included as an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill currently going before Parliament, though ministers have yet to decide the wording.

Mr Straw said: "It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last ten years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality.

"It is time for the law to recognise this."

He raised the prospect of extending the law to cover to "transgendered" people and the disabled.

The new law aims to catch those who do not explicitly call for attacks or discrimination against homosexuals, as this is covered by existing incitement laws.

Instead, police will be allowed to pursue those who create an "atmosphere or climate" in which hatred or bullying can be fostered. Officials said it would not prohibit criticism of gay, lesbian and bisexual people or joke-telling.

The final decision over who has "crossed the line" will rest with the police.

Criminal legislation on gay harassment follows the recent Sexual Orientation Regulations which make discrimination against gays an offence against civil law.

Last night a CofE spokesman said: "We will be scrutinising any legislation to ensure that it safeguards the safety and rights of minorities without jeopardising wider concerns for freedom of expression, including the expression of religious faith."

But Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill said: "We are crystal clear that this is not about constraining anyone from expressing their religious views in a temperate way.

"It is about preventing people from inciting hatred, whether through the lyrics of rap musicians or Muslim organisations which hand out leaflets saying that all homosexuals are paedophiles."

• Parents will be told if a paedophile posing a threat to their child moves into their home or street under amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill introduced last night.

But there is still no general right for parents to ask if there is a paedophile living in their neighbourhood, as demanded by "Sarah's Law" campaigners after the murder of Sarah Payne seven years ago.
Story Here

I Hate Nancy Grace!

Does ANYONE hate Nancy Grace as much as I do?
No, that's not possible.

The voice, the hair, the facial expressions, the insincerity, the arrogance?......Hate Hate Haaaaaaaaate!

God, I can hear her whole little heartfelt speech she does at the end of her shows in my head: '...but my biggest thanks is to you for inviting all of us into your homes. Goodnight friend.'

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Free Talk Live Sunday

With Mark Faust and Guests.

Show starts at 9pm est. on VNN Forum.
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