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- George Orwell - 1984

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

L.A. Official Proposes Ban on 'N-word'

I wonder which 'N' word? Nigger or Nigga?

Perhaps we need a panel discussion. *eye roll*

L.A. Official Proposes Ban on 'N-word'

A city councilman and former police chief on Tuesday introduced a symbolic resolution calling on residents of the nation's second-largest city not to use a common racial slur.
City Councilman Bernard Parks, who is black, said he proposed the measure partly because of recent situations carrying racial overtones, including noose-hanging incidents.

The N-word "connotes a lazy person with no self-respect or regard for family, a person who is ignorant, stupid, slow moving, does not speak proper English and has childlike qualities," Parks wrote in the resolution.

The non-binding resolution calls on residents to stop using the slur "and to encourage all others whom they may encounter in their daily routine to cease from using the word as well."

The City Council was scheduled to vote on it Friday.
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