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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Woman Chases Kids With Samurai Sword

This is just crying for an insanity defense.... Those niggers is crazee! I mean, look at her mugshot! LOL

An Eagle woman accused of chasing a group of Hispanic children with a sword faces a number of charges, including ethnic intimidation, after allegedly calling them "illegal spics," according to police.

Amanda Jane Darling Harris, 21, allegedly chased the children, aged 9 to 15, with an 18-inch samurai sword because they were playing in a parking lot of the Villa apartments, according to a police report.

Police investigated the incident on Sept. 20, and Harris was jailed until she posted a $3,500 bond this week.

According to the police report, the teens said Harris yelled at the children, "If you're scared, then you're guilty." That is when they said she chased them with the sword.

One boy said Harris grabbed him and held the sword to his throat, telling him he "needed to stop causing her problems."

A girl told police that Harris chased and grabbed her and threatened to cut off her ponytail.

Harris chased the other five children through the parking lot, brandishing the sword, according to her arrest affidavit.

The children told police that Harris called them "little f****ing wetbacks" and told them to go back to their own country.

Arresting officers said Harris stated that she should have hurt one of the "illegals" if she knew she was going to go to jail over it.

Harris was arrested in her third-floor apartment on suspicion of menacing -- use of a deadly weapon, misdemeanor third-degree assault with a weapon, ethnic intimidation and harassment.

Harris is employed by Pooh Corner Preschool in Minturn, Colo., according to the arrest report. A spokeswoman for the preschool said she couldn't comment on Harris' current employment status.
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