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- George Orwell - 1984

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little Girl Raped on Tape is Safe

Chester Arthur Stiles

A girl who was shown on a videotape being sexually assaulted in Las Vegas has been found and is safe, officials in Nye County, Nevada, said Friday.

"We have found the child, Madison. She's safe. The detectives say she is in good condition," Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo said.

The girl, now 7, was shown in a sex video made four years ago, Detective David Boruchowitz said at a news conference Friday night.

She was found Friday with family in Las Vegas after thousands of tips poured in, thanks to an appeal by police to the news media to show the girl's picture. CNN and other news organizations did so until the child was found, when DeMeo asked them to stop showing the picture.

"The mother has cooperated with us," DeMeo said. "We believe that the mother was not aware of anything that went on with this young girl," he said. "It was very sad for her to find this out."

A former Las Vegas animal trainer, Chester Arthur Stiles, 37, a resident of Pahrump, Nevada, has been identified as a suspect and is being sought in the case, DeMeo said. Pahrump is about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

Stiles was a distant friend of the girl's family, DeMeo said.

Someone close to Stiles has told investigators that Stiles is a "survivalist type" and always carries a weapon, Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett said.

DeMeo addressed Stiles directly: "Turn yourself in to your local law enforcement agency," he said. "Understand this: law enforcement not only has a long arm, but a long memory. You will not be forgotten by members of this agency or any other law enforcement agency."
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