"They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening"
- George Orwell - 1984

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Real Racists

A confluence of events is shaping up that promises to expose America as the racist nation that it is.

First, three white Duke lacrosse players had rape charges dropped against them by a black stripper who, even though she was "exposed" as a liar and racist, had a great imagination. Despite the best efforts of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, justice was clearly not served. Can you say "Tawana Brawley"?

And what of the black Rutgers basketball player who sued Don Imus because her feelings were hurt? No doubt Imus' joke inflicted immeasurable pain and severe emotional damage to this new-found celebrity, our "wounded hero."

Then we have O.J. Simpson, who was just arrested (again) only because he is a famous black man. Pay no attention to the armed robbery charge or the various other offenses police believe he committed. Since the White Man failed in his attempt to frame O.J. for murder in 1994 (a clearly racist action - come on, was there any evidence in that case?), he is seeking payback. Successful black athletes simply cannot be allowed to freely walk the streets of America.

Speaking of football players, we have Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's recent statement that black quarterbacks face more pressure, scrutiny and criticism than their white counterparts. And he should know, because, well, he said so. He can't back up his position with any facts, but he's the clairvoyant Donovan McNabb. He knows what Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning face in their lily-white press conferences - and that they don't have to deal with the "racism" he does. In all fairness to the prima donna, maybe it's "Whitey keeping him down" that's makes the turf his favorite receiver.

And lastly, we have the "Free the Jena Six" movement underway in Louisiana. Big Al is on scene, of course. The issue at hand is the arrest of six black students who nearly beat a white student to death. Why? Apparently in retribution for nooses hung from a tree on school property.

Even though the beating took place three months after the tree incident.

A tree at the school was used as a meeting place for white students. The morning after black students gathered under the tree, nooses were hung. No charges were filed against those who hung the nooses because the prosecutor couldn't find a Louisiana law under which to charge them. Hanging nooses is not illegall.

After the beating took place, the "Jena Six" were arrested and charged with attempted murder. Only one has been tried so far, and he was found guilty of a lesser offense (aggravated second-degree battery). His conviction was overturned on the grounds that he should have been tried as a juvenile because he was sixteen. The prosecutor, Reed Walters, explained that five out of the six would in fact be charged as juveniles, but since Mychal Bell had a prior criminal record, he was tried as an adult.

That's it, folks. There is no smoking gun, no racism. And this is unequivocally not "the most blatant example of disparity in the justice system" that Al Sharpton claims he has ever seen.

Does anyone but really believe anything this man says? And why does the media continually give him a national platform? He does nothing but invoke racism where it doesn't apply, inciting hatred and dividing our nation in the process.

So now we have large protest rallies, labeled as a continuation of the 1960s civil rights movement. We have marchers being bussed into Jena from around the country and numerous protest marches in other cities.

In what appears to be a contest to show which self-important grandstander is most out-of-touch, the CEO of the NAACP stated: "People are saying, 'That's enough, and we're not taking it anymore."

"Taking" what, exactly? Does he believe that people - including angry blacks - should not be held accountable for their actions? Is it OK to assault or kill a person because you don't like what someone of his same color did? It seems that any action by white authorities to black people is not just suspect but racist and therefore has no merit. And the people who feel like this will never let facts stand in the way.

Here's an example: When several whites asked black demonstrators if they knew Mychal Bell had a criminal record, they blamed Jena High School administrators for mishandling school incidents. Sure, blame it on the school. Blame it on the police and prosecutor, blame it on the town. In fact, just blame everything and everyone in this country - except the ones actually doing the crimes. After all, since America engaged in slavery two centuries ago, that gives everyone of "color" free reign to do whatever they like, including invoking racism as easily as getting out of bed.

The saddest part of this? The people of Jena are too scared to go on record and chastise criminal behavior - regardless of skin color. They worry that if they take on the real racists - Sharpton and Jackson - they will be labeled as "bigots and racists." Guess what? They already are.
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